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More value from each animal

Völur is maximizing carcass value with data and AI, creating a more optimized and sustainable meat industry.


The meat & poultry value chains have an extremely high complexity, mostly driven by the number of cutting and processing combinations.

With artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making, we handle the complexity and optimize the value chain based on market demand. Ensuring optimal use of each individual animal.

Simply greener than ever.


Revolutionary possibilities for the meat & poultry industry

Reduce carbon footprint

By optimizing cuts we reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable and greener production. Less waste, less CO2.

Reduce cost by optimal use of each animal

Our AI technology provides optimized solutions that help you make better cutting and processing decisions - ensuring optimal use of every animal

Tailored solution

With industry expertise we do our best to meet the different needs of our clients

Get higher margins from every animal

Our solution is designed to optimize the profitability of your sales mix and production, both short and long term


Norway’s largest meat producer:

- What values the solution has given to the client Meat value chain optimazation.

Navn Navnesen, CEO Nortura


The AI Technology

Provided as a stand-alone solution that ensures optimal decisions, with a full overview of the value chain.


Optimal utilization of animals

Provide the right cutting patterns and recipes enabling the optimal number of animals needed for a given demand.

Optimal cutting plans

Provides the right plans at the right time for every single animal & processed product


Build-up inventory strategy

Enabling the right inventory levels to meet future demand for every product.

Push-inventory recommendations

Overview of the products that need to be pushed to the market, before the expiration date becomes an issue

Sales, Operations
& Planning

What-if simulations

Makes it possible to simulate different scenarios and see the effects of every single decision.

Optimize cutting and processing with Völur

Join the leading
meat-tech company
for a greener future

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