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What we do

Meat value chain optimization with AI

Völur optimize meat value chains with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Our pioneering services enable a whole new set of possibilities that understands how your business works, predicts cause-effect outcomes, and makes real-time recommendations driven by the market demand.

Our vision

Smarter and greener meat value chains.

Völur embrace a meat production industry that use the least amount of global resources to satisfy the market demand. One third of food waste globally occurs during manufacturing and processing. With the intention of addressing and reducing that waste, we provide AI-powered optimization services for the meat industry in accordance to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns.

Our Services

Making optimal data-driven decisions possible.

Data preparation

Data quality assessment and data preparation to enable AI-powered solutions.

Tailored solution

Tailored value chain simulation and optimization models based on specific customers business rules, requirements and goals.

Real-time insights

Up-to-date business insights from latest available data and fully-integrated with customers data infrastructure.

Customer support

Full customer support with both updates and system maintenance.

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