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This is Völur

We develop a greener future within the meat industry, by combining industrial knowledge with disruptive AI technology


Our vision is a world with optimal use of all resources in the meat industry, thereby creating a more sustainable industry.


Our mission is to be the world's best data and AI company for the meat industry, leading to optimal use of all animals.



We act with integrity and transparency in all our activities.


Our people are the most important assets. We only succeed by working together as a team.


We are customer-oriented in everything we do and thrive to create customer value.


We work to enhance sustainability and development, to pursue ideas that can make a difference for the industry and the world.

our story

Meet the people behind the technology

After acquiring strong industry knowledge and expertise within the meat & poultry industry, Robert Ekrem started discussing optimization opportunities with Adrian Diaz and David Moriano. To these discussions, Adrian and David brought their experience from developing disruptive technology and applying it to large industries.

By combining deep industry knowledge with disruptive technology, the meat industry got identified as a ripe candidate for true data-driven solutions. Völur was therefore born to make it possible to enable a more optimized and sustainable meat industry.

Board of Directors

Robert Ekrem


Robert is the Co-Founder and CEO of Völur. Throughout his career, he has acquired strong industry knowledge and expertise within the meat and poultry industry. By combining deep industry knowledge with data and AI, Völur enables a more optimized and sustainable meat industry.

Robert holds an MSc. in Management and Finance from University College London.

Homan Yuen

Board Member

Homan is a Partner at Fusion Fund. Homan has 20 years of experience working in a broad range of technologies, management, finance, and investor activities. Homan is active in the entrepreneur and investor communities, providing mentorship to programs like StartX and Alchemist Accelerator and in the community with organizations like the Asian Pacific Fund, where he is on the Advisory Board.

Homan received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Stanford University and his B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley.

Lamar Steiger

Board Member

Lamar serves as Walmart's beef supply chain consultant. In 2014, Lamar helped lead a dramatic and innovative change to the Walmart beef supply by creating a true ranch-to-retail supply chain that ensures consistency and quality at an everyday low price. Lamar also continues to consult with ranchers throughout the country on management and profitability as an expert in the ranch-to-retail beef supply and profitable ranch management.

Lamar holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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